Saturday, 15 March 2014

So you got an offer! What next?

Congratulations, you got that dreaded "Your application status has changed" e-mail and it was what you were hoping for. First of all breathe - all that pressure, stress, worry, sleepless nights is all over, enjoy your achievement - you were top of a very big pile of people wishing to become a Paramedic.

If you have multiple offers now is the time to really ensure you make the right choice, write out a nice pros/cons list looking at things like costs, travel, what sorts of Placements your Uni offers, do you want a Diploma or Degree etc. Once you've made your choice it's time to firm with them and start looking at your next steps, here's my checklist of things to do once you've chosen your Uni offer.

  • Apply for Student Finance - applying doesn't take long but hearing back does so the sooner you apply the better
  • Apply for a Student Bank Account - you want somewhere to put your loan and most offer really good deals with overdrafts etc.
  • Start looking at accommodation - go take a look around before making a final choice, when you have get your deposit in their hands to secure your place early to avoid dissapointment
  • Meeting that Conditional Offer - If you're likely to get the right grades, not a problem but if you're struggling abit this is the time to speak to your College tutor to find out what you need to do to get those Credits/A-Levels
  • Plan on What to take - Make a list of what you're taking with you to Uni, alot of Unis let you buy starter packs with regards to utensils and bedding but if you shop around you can get everything much cheaper (think Wilkos etc.)

Other non essential things you could do is try to speak to others on their Paramedics course already and get ahead on things like what does the first few weeks look like for you, pre-course reading and other useful tips - I wouldn't overlook this because you learn some very important things you may not have considered such as distances you can be sent for Placements and special requirements for extended Accommodation contracts.

I hope these points gives you some food for thought, and well done!

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