Monday, 10 November 2014

Diary: Week 7

Well Week 7 has been and gone.

As Placement approaches the course content is stepping up a notch. I've had my Home Station given to me and my shifts (lots of lates!). This week we've been learning how to take baseline observations including BP, Blood Sugar (BM), Pulse, Resp Rate, Glasgow Coma Scale etc. and more moving and handling (manhandling eachother up and downstairs on different sorts of equipment was fun and knee destroying all at once!).

There has been of course A&P where we've moved onto the Lymphatic system and the obligatory Study Skills where we learnt how to look after ourselves with regards to the stress and pressure that Uni can sometimes bring with it.

Personally I've been using my free time to further develop my understanding of ECGs and I also found out that the back page of JRCALC has guidelines on how to treat people that have been Tasered and hit with a Baton Gun further leading to my belief that this book seems to have everything in it. With placement looming in just over a weeks time I'm now just really excited to getting out into practice and wondering what Week 8 will hold (a courtroom actually! - more next week on that one...).

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