Thursday, 25 September 2014

Diary: Week 1

Well it came around quick, the first week of Uni has been and gone.

What can you expect? Well that will vary from Uni to Uni as you'd expect but a common theme throughout will be death by PowerPoint, various inductions and health and safety briefings - but also an overview of the course.

Along with all the mandatory briefings and lectures any new Student should expect, we've also had an overview of the specifics of our Program - namely placement locations and objectives. I'm lucky in that I've been placed with the Ambulance Trust I was hoping for, a huge benefit as over the coming years I'll get to know the Organisation thoroughly that I wish to be employed by post-registration. We've also had alot of talks around expectations and professional misconduct - anyone reading this and aspiring to walk down this road must know that this is a professional degree leading to professional registration and you will find your course Academics very intolerant to poor standards of behavior and a lack of punctuality.

Then of course there is Freshers... well, as a Mature Student I probably wasn't as prepared for this as I might have once been, but I decided it was important to work hard and play hard in this first week or two and going out (whether you want to or not) is the best way of getting to know the people you will be spending the next 3 years of your life with. It's been enjoyable, messy at times, but definitely enjoyable and regardless of your age and the age of those around you I'd get stuck into this and just embrace it - after all it's only for a week!

Next week the real nitty gritty of learning to become a Paramedic begins.

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