Saturday, 4 October 2014

Diary: Week 2

The first 'proper' week of my Course this week - and don't I know it.

We've been bombarded with Anatomy and Physiology, professionalism, and Basic Life Support for both Children and Adults this

The BLS was intense, even if you've got plenty of experience of Basic Life Support from previous jobs or voluntary work - be prepared to be critiqued and have your technique and scene management improved upon, don't think you know everything there is to be known about the subject because as I learned - you probably don't! Just take it on the chin and adopt a good 'every day is a School day' approach, I relished taking something I knew and taking it to a new level and you should too!

Something you should also expect in your first few weeks/months is Study Skills, yes you're learning to become a Paramedic but remember you're also at University! You will get support with things like referencing, academic writing, critical thinking and self evaluation - all essential skills if you are to pass the University aspect of your Studies so pay attention!

Thought of the week: Get your head in a good Anatomy and Physiology book/app before you start Uni!

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