Saturday, 11 October 2014

Diary: Week 3

Well week 3 came and went rather quickly. I've spent a large part of my week preparing for my BLS OSCE which is coming along well I feel - I'm rehearsing adult and pediatric BLS with AED before bed every night (which the person who lives under me must love listening too...). Even this early on in the course this is a pass or fail exam, a failure will get you a resit, a second failure will see you removed from the course - this may seem a little harsh but if you can't grab the basics at this early stage then it unfortunately looks like the profession may not be for you! Read on for what else I've been upto...

Anatomy and Physiology is beginning to be a staple part of my weekly diet, I wrongly assumed we wouldn't be going down to a Cellular level on this course but I was wrong! Learning all about the Cell membrane and what lies within before moving onto Tissue types and functions - I did all of this on my Access Course and struggled a little with it then, I thought however I'd seen the back of it but I was proven wrong this week!

We've also had some Conflict Resolution and Safeguarding for Adult and Children work to do, the Safeguarding in particular was quite eye opening and I was surprised to here about some fairly high profile incidents in the media (I'm sure you can guess which) that could have been avoided if people hadn't missed the signs or been more persistent in their reporting of the incidents.

Conflict Resolution was good and relevant to the environment we will be working in, you've got to remember that even for a normally placid and peaceful person - you'll be likely to meet them on the worst day of their life and with all the emotions flying about the place things can get dangerous if your handling of the situation isn't great. I think this session was eye opening for some people on my course!

So moving into next week I've got some new modules that start to look forward to and more preparation for the dreaded first OSCE - Did I mention I've got an assignment to do too? The pressure is ramping up quick!

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