Saturday, 18 October 2014

Diary: Week 4

Well Week 4 has been and gone, they seem to be going by alot quicker now I've settled into a routine.

In Uni this week has been all about more A&P (shock!), History of the Paramedic Profession, 4 & 12 Lead ECGs and Infection Control. Read on to find out more!

A&P has been all about the Circulatory System this week, I'd say it goes a step further than the A-Level curriculum in the same area. We took a deeper look at the composition of blood and blood types as well as the vessels that contains it.

History of the Profession was a very interesting Lecture (for me anyway, others may not agree!). We learnt about the first Ambulances and 'Ambulancemen' - then how we evolved from there to the Academic Profession of 2014, the various reports and reviews along the way that propelled us forward and also a look at how other countries manage the Paramedic Profession (or don't, in some cases).

ECGs was next, ahh ECGs... Well, placement of the Leads are fairly straight forward and easy to remember - however understanding what the hell is going on with a 12 Lead rhythm strip is a different beast all together. We were assured we've got time to learn them over the coming years but at a first glance it seems quite daunting as it's probably the first thing I've come across that I had little exposure to as a Combat Medic. After the session the first thing I did was nip to the Library and pick up an ECG for dummies book which as become my bed time reading!

Infection Control was last on the menu this week and part of it involved us putting a cream on our hands that only showed up under a UV light and then trying vigorously to wash it off for a second UV inspection. We must have looked an interesting sight as 40 odd of us wandered back from various bathrooms trying to open doors with feet and elbows for fear of touching anything that might undo our hard earned scrubbed hands prior to the check. We also looked at the Aseptic technique (youtube it - if you have OCD you'll love it!), and learned how and when to clean our Ambulance and the Equipment within.

Now a relaxing weekend before the coming Week 5 that brings with it the dreaded first OSCEs - did I mention I have an Assignment due in next week too? Welcome to University!

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